Sunday, June 29, 2008


After the first smoke in the Bandera, I was able to see the Hot Spot mentioned online comming from the fire box. The baffle modification is something I will be embracing soon to disperse the heat a bit better and reduce charring. Today the ribs that were on the lowest rack did get a bit charred on the bone side from the hotspot.

Well how was it?

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the meats on our first try with the converted smoker. The brisket was nicely cooked with a visible smoke ring when sliced the untrimmed fat reduced to a nice cap and the meat was both tender moist with a wonderful aroma and flavor.

The pork ribs were equally tender and with a wonderful flavor from the marinade and smoke. The meat of the ribs made that crunch sound when bitten and came off the bone with little effort, the texture of the meat was soft with a nice sweet outer crust and did not load your teeth up.

The Yukon potatoes were similar to stiff mashed potatoes in the skin much better than oven baked they too had the nice smoke aroma and flavor not near the same as the meat but still noticeable.Kind of liek stiff mashed potatos in skin!