Saturday, June 28, 2008

The first smoke

The conversion completed and now it's time to smoke. We took a trip to Costco and grabbed up a couple of briskets and a pack of pork ribs.

In the Kitchen I prepared the brisket first by using the Jaccard to tenderise it. If you have never heard of or seen a Jaccard you should get one, it has about 60 or so small piercing mini knives that sever tendon's in meat and can transform a normally tough cut into a very nice piece of meat. Try the Chef's Catalog if you are seeking one they have a website and the Jaccard is one of those tools that is really nice to have around.

Next it was time for the brine/marinade...I used the following
Granulated garlic
Italian seasoning (dried herbs)
black pepper
Cayenne pepper
kosher salt
dark Dijon mustard
Yoshida's Teriyaki Marinade
mesquite BBQ sauce
vegetable oil

I fired the smoker back up and added some mesquite chunks to the cast iron pot. Poof! just like that a beautiful puff of blue smoke and the sweet smell of mesquite. I then put some apple juice in the waterpan and loaded the meats. Checked in on the progress about 20 minutes in and this is what I saw...