Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whistle while you smoke

During our first smoke in the newly converted Bandera she behaved lovely and very predictable. fighting the urge to constantly open the smoker door I waited patently as I could and kept the door opeining to a minimum. The mesquite burned hot and created even smoke till it turned into hot coals. I then added some hickory chips that I soaked in some apple juice just for a bit.

I kept the door temp gauge at 250deg F, learning that the door gauges may not read well from the web I used it as a guide. Note that the gaude is hard mounted to a metal door wich may influence the reading, for example of it is really cold outside the metal may be a bit cooler, the same is true if it is very warm out, today here in central New Mexico it was about 89 degrees outside.

I periodically checked the meat with a pocket thermometer and all progressed well, using the a kitchen timer I had anticipated about a 2 hour cook time at the tempurature & rate the meat was cooking. At just before the 2 hour mark the pork ribs were at 165 degrees and we all know that is the safe tempurature for pork. bout 20 minutes beforehand we added some Yukon Gold potatoes that my wife slathered with butter and a shake of black pepper, kosher salt then she wrapped them in foil with the shinny side in.